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Hack your personality to a deeper level. Learn how to manage yourself and build better relationships with others.


Why Type Coaching?

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." Aristotle

No matter where you live, what you do and what skills you possess, you want to be effective with people. To become effective with people is an inside-out process. It will be a long road to be effective with others if you are not yet effective with yourself.

In the words of Stephen Covey, "Seek first to understand than to be understood."

What is Type Coaching?

Type coaching is a way of understanding ourselves through the use Jungian psychological type and the MBTI framework, developed from the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Do you know that our brains are naturally wired to do certain things or why we love and loathe certain activities? We have our favorite patterns of thoughts, feelings and ways to perceive and make a conclusion of the world. It’s true that we can learn new skills and change certain habits to develop and growth as a person. At the same time bear in mind that "As you grow, you become more of who you already are," said Marcus Buckingham.

Wouldn’t it make sense to know our brain’s innate, natural wiring so we can develop more of the skills and engage in activities related to our preferences? It’ll make life hell a lot easier.

Who use Type Coaching?

- People who want to manage themselves better

- People who are close to break their chairs and blow off on the people they work with

- Young people starting the college and not sure what to major in

What the experts say about self-awareness

Personality Type Coaching

Aristotle -
Ancient Greek philosopher

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Personality Type Coaching

Anthony Robbins -
Coach, Motivation Speaker

Self-awareness is one of the rarest of human commodities. I don’t mean self-consciousn ess where you’re limiting and evaluating yourself. I mean being aware of your own patterns.

Personality Type Coaching

Stephen Covey -
Author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

Self awareness gives us ultimate human freedom.

Personality Type Coaching

Marcus Buckingham -
Author, Motivational Speaker

Talents are your naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behavior. Knowledge consists of the facts and lessons learned. Skills are the steps of an activity. These three--talents, knowledge, and skills--combine to create your strengths.

Use cases


Business development

Decision making


Interpersonal skill development

Conflict management

What you'll get

Here is what you’ll get from the sessions:

- A fresh perspective about yourself, your interests, behavioral preferences

- Understand why others are so different and why they might think the same about you - Get a quick glimpse of your life “captain” and learn how to nurture it

- Figure out why you might have problem with your friends, coworkers, bosses, or even yourself.

- Learn simple and powerful personality type hacks to adapt to the environment and communicate better

How it works

1. Assessment

You take a free or paid online assessment, get your type, and send me your type code.

2. Verifcation

Schedule a session in which I’ll provide insight of the result and how to take it from there.

3. Coaching

Confirm your type and we take it from there

What others are saying


Meet the Type Coach

Hi, I am Cindy, your personality type ninja on this discovery to find your true self.

An adventurer at heart, I spent the last decade exploring the world and learning to discover human motives and behaviors.

Now I would like to dedicate my time and energy to a more fulfilling adventure, assisting you in your discovery and the quest to answer the following questions:

1. Do we know who we are?
2. What do we believe? What is our true north?
3. Do we live the best that we can?
4. Do we live a good, strong and meaningful life?

Why am I doing this?

It’s immensely satisfying to know and live your true self. And it’s even more fulfilling to help others who might be confused, unaware that they, too, like everybody else having their own unique gifts.

I believe that no matter where you live, what you do, what skills you possess, you want to be effective with people. Become effective with people is an inside-out process. You can’t be effective with others if you are not effective with yourself.

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