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Personality Type for Entrepreneurs

Often entrepreneurs work for themselves, build their companies, or join startups. They don't have the training and development benefits offered in large enterprises.

Personality assessments have been used by big companies to know the preferences of people and the kinds of jobs they like to do or what they should do with their life.

Not working at big companies shouldn't mean not getting the same knowledge and empowerment.

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Personality Type for Founders

Every founder will be more successful at building their team if they understand the personality types of people who work for them. It’s unfortunate that personality type information is not at all taught to founders at acceleration program because it’s helpful for founders to gain deep insights into themselves and the people who help make their dreams come true.

This training will give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand your employees' personality types, and leverage that to build a happy team and create better relationships.

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Right Brain Project Management - Getting Things Done for Creative People

Companies of various sizes have used Project Management (PM) framework to start and finish projects. A lot of money have been poured into defining, refining, and creating new PM methodologies, so PM work. So why don’t people adopt a "project mindset" and play the project manager role to get their stuff done?

You don't need to like project management or aspire to be a project manager. You don't need to be perfect. You just need to get it done.

This training will help creatives scope their enthusiasm, put constraints on their ideas, wrap deadlines and budget around what they want to do so they can set out and do that.

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